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In the more than 30 year-old company history we are specialised on the development, production and the distribution of decorative and colored glassfibermat, as well as glass fabrics.

The business portfolio became in this time above all also internationally develops and extends. With additional agency offices in Sweden and in Austria we could support the “central” European market.

Our products are processed for the heat insulation and sound insulation, in the whole interior fitting (wall disguising, ground disguising and ceiling panel) and thus we are a partner of the mineral and stone woollen industry for decorative and colored surface solutions.

The many-sided products for the interior fitting which fulfil the highest requirements- creative, technically, acoustically and qualitative.

By constant modernisation and improvement of the production processes, training of our employees and not least by a modern management is our company always able to realise individual customer requests. Our customers appreciate our good service with delivery in time with constantly high quality.



We are specialised in the coating of glassfibermats whereby the aesthetic design of the decorative layer of ceiling panels (grid ceilings) is the primary application area of our products.
The basis of our products comprises a non-flammable glassfibermat in patterned one or two-tone print according to RAL, Pantone or NCS colour scale, as well as special designs according to templates (e.g. company lettering or logo printing). Furthermore, it is also possible to create visible and tangible 3D structures using structural foams.

Flame retarding paste and foam coating compounds are applied in varying grammages – within the framework of a special printing process – to the surface of the carrier material which also fulfil the requirements for the acoustic characteristics of the decorative glassfibermat.
The coated decorative glassfibermat are laminated on mineral wool or glass wool by further companies and tailored to the required grid dimensions. The coated glassfibermat also prevents the subsequent flocculation of mineral wool parts here.

Self-adhesive materials are used for special applications. Here, the acoustic fleeces or alternatively glassfibermats are coated with self-adhesive glue and additionally laminated with a release foil.
These acoustic fleeces are used in perforated timber panels and metal ceiling systems, so-called perforated aluminium panels.
By using the fleece in these types of ceiling systems ancillary noise is reduced, e.g. in schools, open-plan offices, hospitals and other public buildings.

Glassfibermats with a low grammage and an open-pore surface can be coated in various colours.
Through the combination of the fleece with a special light-permeable coating our customers are able to produce translucent products. These can be cast in epoxy resin and polyester resin and are utilised in particular in light-permeable corrugated panels, in boat construction, and in general mould construction.

Special coating compounds enable a closed structure of the glassfibermat and – due to a very smooth surface – these products are perfect for application areas with extremely high hygiene requirements, including the food sector, the electronics industry and medical engineering. Dirt deposits are easy to remove and these glassfibermats are also resistant to many stains and are highly scratch and wear-proof. Furthermore, due to the water-repellent surface coating is the cleaning with a sponge or high pressure cleaner for example is also possible.

The basis for the coating is an EVAC (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer), which is applied to the carrier material in a grid point process. These thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives can be combined with various materials during further processing at an application temperature of approx. 150 °C. Due to the extremely fast setting time they are suitable for rapid machine use.
The primary field of application of our glassfibermats with thermo-reactive adhesives is the combination with flexible, open-pore foam panels from melamine resin (a thermosetting plastic). Due to the low weight of these ceiling panels or ceiling sails, it is possible to achieve spans of up to 3000mm in combination with our product.

During our lamination process we combine plastic foils or aluminium foils with the glassfibermat or glass silk.
Lamination with aluminium foil gives the glassfibermat vapour diffusion-tight characteristics and these mats are primarily used as vapour barriers.
In particular in areas with a high humidity – such as basement level garages – the diffusion-tight surface of our products prevents the moisture from penetrating the underlying insulation layer.

We have developed a range of innovative products over the past decades; be it for filter technology, radar screening or in insulation technology for high-volt transformers.

For ventilation and climate engineering special glassfibermats are given a hydrophilic (lipophobic = fat rejecting) coating. These are subsequently installed in corresponding filter elements, or cast in PUR foams. This hydrophilic coating prevents greases and oils from settling in the filter element.

For facades our products can be installed in glass inlays. For special applications, e.g. in airport areas, the facade can also be equipped with a radar-absorbing glassfibermat.

Specially coated glassfibermat are used for electrical insulation purposes with large transformers. The glassfibermat are installed between the coil windings as a separating layer and are subsequently cast with a polyester imide resin or an epoxy resin in an even more reactive state.
With this process high mechanical strength and very good thermal resistance are achieved for transformer coils after hardening, due to the glassfibermat used.


Through specific leading and conning on the basis of an actual and efficient quality management we are targeted on the demands of our customers. Our company is certificated according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Since 1996 we have installed a quality management system, with which help we on the basis of the company circumstances to reach our aim certainly, reproduceable and economically. From our experience we know that only the system is not sufficient. It is vital that we proceed afterwards and improve the system continuously.

An important premise for it is the engagement, the specialist knowledge and the high quality conscious being of our employees. To obtain this and to promote this is a high-priority assignment of our management.

Based on these objectives we have concretised the aims of our quality policy and have formulated as a guideline for all employees:

    • We want to deliver to our customers a constantly high quality on which you can count.
    • Delivery in time is a attribute of our company.
    • Our customers should feel comfortable with us. They should feel that we are competent and can listen.
    • We take of it care that our employees have clarity about the demands made to them and which they know to concerning expiries and approaches in our company and apply.
    • We want that our employees assess her own approaches critically and take part in their improvement.
    • Every employee feels responsible for the quality of his own work and acts accordingly responsibly.
    • We support that the principle of the “internal customers / supplier’s respect” is lived in our house actively. This means that every employee gets on as a supplier and customer of performances which he receives in agreed quality or passes on.
    • ISO 9001 Certificate as PDF Download:
    • ISO Certificate english

Our Team

In the heads and hearts of the people lies the true treasure of a successful enterprise. We invest a little in advertisement and own marketing – for it all the more in the knowledge and the experience of our employees. Our aims make high demands for the people who work with us.

Therefore, we demand excellent specialist knowledge, engagement and a high quality conscious being of our employees. To maintain this and to promote is a priority job of our management.

Decisively for the efficiency of our enterprise are knowledge, abilities and the enthusiasm ability of the people who work here.

By clear and thought-out organisational structures we delegate extensive duties, responsibility and competence. Thus a sphere in which every employee can achieve personal results – an essential key originates to the motivation.

We know and want that the people are it who configure our ideas, our challenges and our success – and every day anew. A powerful team lives on the soul which is inherent in it and a confide cooperation and reciprocal respect inwards like outside allow lasting success.


Welcome at the media portal of Rade Beschichtungstechnik GmbH.

The latest “EU regulations to the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical materials (REACH)” require that almost all chemical substances which are sold in the European Community and the European Economic Community are registered by the manufacturer or by the importer. Up to this time Rade Beschichtungstechnik GmbH has been assured by sides of the suppliers that the new regulations find use.

The European Regulation (ER) on Chemicals No. 1907/2006 (REACH) enforced on June 1st 2007 does only require Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for hazardous substances and preparations. Our glassfiber products / glass fibre veils are articles under REACH and therefore, no Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is legally required.

Our company decide to provide our customers with the appropriate information for assuring the safe handling and use of glassfibermat products through a Safe Use Instructions Sheet.

Below you will find the Safe Use Instructions Sheet as a download. Please choose the corresponding areas of application of the products:

Download Safe Use Instructions Sheet:


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